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Data Visualization and Analysis with MS Power BI


Course Description

Registration Link: shorturl.at/msvwI

Statistical Research Consultants Bangladesh (SRCBD) is offering 05-weeks (10 Sessions) long an ONLINE LIVE training course on “Data Visualization and Analysis with MS Power BI” starting from 07th November 2020. This course will be facilitated by a qualified & experienced professional trainer from an International organization in Bangladesh. 

In today’s world, businesses are capturing huge data from various business activities. One can discover lots of precious information, patterns for making effective decisions from this data if you have the right tool & right skills. You'll learn all of the features in Power BI that allow you to explore, experiment with, fix, prepare, and present data easily, quickly, and beautifully.

Course Fee: 3500Taka. 
Early bird registration confirmation by 25 October 2020 gets 14% off on total course payment (so, after discount 3000Taka till 25 October 2020)

Registration Link: shorturl.at/msvwI

Course seminar video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1UTvEwefY7Q&t=1172s

Power BI module

1.   Introduction to Power BI

1.1.   Introduction to Power BI desktop

1.2.   Connect to a database

1.3.   Basic information

1.3.1.Managing query groups

1.3.2.Splitting columns

1.3.3.Changing data types

1.3.4.Working with dates

1.3.5.Removing or reordering columns

1.3.6.Conditional columns

1.4.   Connect to files in a folder

1.4.1.Merge queries

1.4.2.Query dependency view

1.5.   Data transformation

1.5.1.Enter data

1.5.2.Query parameters

2.   Data modeling

2.1.   Introduction to modeling data

2.2.   Create calculated columns

2.3.   Model optimization

2.3.1.Quick measures

2.4.   Create calculated measures

2.4.1.Data hierarchies

2.5.   Create calculated tables

2.5.1.Time intelligence

2.5.2.Insert a new data table


2.5.4.Grouping and binning

3.   Introduction to visuals in Power BI

3.1.   Create and format visualization

3.1.1.Hierarchical axis and concatenating

3.1.2.Filters, including top N

3.2.   Combo charts


3.2.2.Clustering data (and machine learning)

3.3.   Slicers

3.3.1.See the data behind the visuals

3.3.2.Data slicers

3.4.   Map visualization

3.4.1.ESRI map

3.5.   Tables and matrices

3.5.1.Table styles

3.6.   Create and format scatter plot

3.7.   Waterfall and funnel charts

3.8.   Gauge, cards and KPIs

3.8.1.Coloring charts

3.9.   Static images: shapes, text boxes and images

3.9.1.Grid lines and snap to gridlines

3.10. Page view and page size settings

3.10.1.  Visual interactions

3.10.2.  Duplicate and rename a page

3.10.3.  Show categories with no data

3.10.4.  Show all, default summarization and default categorization

3.10.5.  Positioning, sorting and aligning and sorting visuals

3.10.6.  Creating and working with hierarchies

3.10.7.  Integrate Power BI with R

4.   Introduction to Power BI service

4.1.   Overview of dashboards and Power BI service

4.2.   Publish report to the Power BI service

4.2.1.Get insights

4.3.   Pin a tile on a dashboard

4.3.1.Add widgets to dashboards

4.3.2.Navigating content in Power BI service

4.3.3.Filter the list of dashboards in navigation panel

4.3.4.Dashboard settings

4.4.   Intro to Power BI and natural language query

4.4.1.Q&A feature

4.5.   Sharing a dashboard

4.5.1.Power BI Mobile app-windows, ipad and iphone

4.5.2.Display dashboard and report tiles in a focus mode

4.5.3.Pin a live page to dashboard

4.5.4.Customize dashboard tiles

4.5.5.Dashboard display option

4.5.6.Share, print and export a dashboard

4.5.7.Export data to csv and excel

4.5.8.Export to PowerPoint

4.6.   Power BI notifications

4.6.1.Alerts in the Power BI service

4.6.2.Power BI flow integration

4.6.3.Power BI email subscriptions

4.7.   Install and configure personal gateway

4.7.1.Publish to web

4.7.2.Admin portal

5.   Introduction to Excel data in Power BI

5.1.   Upload an Excel table to Power BI

5.2.   Excel data with Power BI content

5.3.   Connect to one drive for business, Excel high fidelity

5.4.   Pinning Excel tables

5.5.   Analyze in Excel

6.   Introduction to collaborating

6.1.   Workspaces in Power BI

6.2.   Creating, sharing and updating apps

6.3.   Use a content pack

6.4.   Edit a content pack

6.4.1.OneDrive for business integration with group and versioning

6.4.2.Row level security

6.4.3.Data classification

7.   Introduction to live/direct query connectivity

7.1.   Direct connectivity to SQL azure

7.2.   Power BI direct connect to SQL database

7.3.   Power desktop and direct query

8.   Power BI for developers

8.1.   Interactive API console

8.2.   Integrating a tile into your application

8.2.1.Using PubNub to push data to a tile

8.3.   Custom visuals and visual gallery

8.4.   Power BI PaaS

9.   Introduction to mobile apps

9.1.   Report gallery and search

9.1.1.Mobile dashboard layout

9.2.   Sharing and Annotating in Power BI

9.3.   Taking your Power BI content offline

9.4.   Platform-specific features: Presentation mode, Live Tiles for Windows, Alerts for iOS

9.5.   Search and Recent (not Android)

9.6.   Limiting access to mobile + MAM

10. Introduction to DAX

10.1. DAX calculation types - columns and measures

10.2. DAX functions

10.3. DAX expressions and variables

10.4. Table relationships and DAX

10.5. DAX works with full or filtered tables

  • Price৳ 3500
  • Duration 20 Hours
  • Lessons 10

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