Statistical Research Consultants Bangladesh (SRCBD) is a research-based consultancy firm from Dhaka, Bangladesh. This firm is the First Professional Statistical Consultancy Firm in Bangladesh. It is a Statistical Consultant that provides a range of services to the clients including statistical advice, analysis, and training. It has technical expertise and experience in areas such as planning studies, measurement and sampling methods, Sample Size Estimation, Data Collection, Data Processing, Data Analysis, Hypothesis Testing, Data Quality Management, Experimental Design, Statistical analysis & interpretation and Reporting.

SRCBD have the highly dedicated team of quantitative & qualitative researchers, data analysts, and experienced data collection personnel. This firm is capable to conduct any type of research projects, surveys and training in Bangladesh.

SRCBD is to support academic, corporate, researchers and scholars in designing, collecting, analyzing, and reporting efficient and accurate research. We also give high-quality data analysis & statistical consultancy for any type of research in different sector clients including Research students, NGOs, Government Agencies, Doctors, Engineers, Researchers & Research students etc. SRCBD provides statistical consultancy in Business, Market, Medical, Health, Public Health, Social & Economic sectors. SRCBD also provides training exclusively for Statistics, Research and Statistical Softwares such as SPSS, STATA, EViews and R programming.

Our motto is "Towards Excellence through Data".

SRCBD also start working in Data Science field which is the most renowned & exclusive field to understand Big Data, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Statistical Analytics etc. and help to create data products with competitive intelligence or business analytics. We are offering several training courses on R programming which is the popular programming language used in Data Science along with Python programming.

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