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Online Live Training course on “Statistics with Stata”


Course Description

Statistical Research Consultants Bangladesh (SRCBD) is offering 06-weeks (12 Sessions) long an ONLINE LIVE training course on “Statistics with Stata” starting from 26th February 2021. This course will be facilitated by a qualified & experienced professional trainer from different organizations in Bangladesh. This course designed to introduce the participants to basic essential statistical techniques and the application of those techniques in the Stata environment.

Learn Statistics and Stata from Statisticians.

Language: Bengali (Bangla)

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Participants: This course is suitable for mid and junior-level researchers or research students in any organization: government, public, private, marketing, and NGOs. Officials of the Research & Development Wing (RND) of any organization and education researchers or research students in educational institutions like colleges, universities, and training institutes can also join.

-> Continuous help from the facilitators about basic knowledge of statistics and computing.
-> A certificate will be given after successful completion of the course work.
-> Resourceful materials on each topic.
-> Stata software for the course and further research for individuals.
-> Three best participants will get a 'Certificate of Excellence'.

Course Fee: 4200Taka.

Early bird registration confirmation by 7th February 2021 gets 15% off on total course payment (so, after discount 3570Taka till 7th February 2021). 

Course Sessions: 12 Session

Two sessions in a week.

Course Duration: 30 hours (2.5hours per session)

Course Schedule: 9.00 PM - 11.30 PM

The class will be conducted by ZOOM.

For further queries, please send an e-mail to srcbd.training@gmail.com or call at +88-01792087904.

For any queries, please give us a message at m.me/srcbd.org

Facebook page: www.facebook.com/srcbd.org

Subscribe to SRCBD YouTube channel: http://shorturl.at/bijrD

Course Contents:

1. Introduction to Stata: Overview of STATA Console, Data entry, enter categorical and continuous data, imputing raw data files, exporting data files, Variable and Data Type, Types of Stata files, Do file, Logfile.

2. Data Management & formatting with Stata-1: Labeling data, variables, and values Modifying Datasets Renaming and reordering variables creating and recoding variables, generating variables and observations

3. Data Management & formatting with Stata-2: Examining the Data, combining data files, dropping and replacing variables, dealing with date variables.

4. Different Graphs with Stata: Creating and describing basic and advanced statistical graphs & charts, Bar diagram, Component Bar Diagram, Line diagram, Histogram, Scatter Diagram, Box & Whisker plot.

5. Descriptive Analysis with Stata: Summary Statistics, Frequency distribution, One-way table, Two-way tables (Crosstable), Descriptive Statistics, Measures of Central Tendency, Measures of Dispersion, Measures of Distribution (Skewness & Kurtosis).

6. Hypothesis Testing with Stata-1: Statistical hypothesis, Null hypothesis, Alternative hypothesis, One-tailed test, Two-tailed test, Test statistic, p-value, One sample t-test, Independent sample t-test.

7. Hypothesis Testing with Stata-2: paired t-test, Proportion test, One-sample test of proportion, Two-sample test of proportion, Chi-square test, Fisher's exact test, Measures of Association.

8. ANOVA & Correlation with Stata: Analysis of Variance (ANOVA), Correlation analysis, Pearson's Correlation Coefficient, Spearmen Correlation Coefficient.

9. Statistical modeling with Stata: Regression analysis, Regression Coefficient, Coefficient of Determination, Simple linear regression analysis, Multiple Regression Analysis, Binary Logistic Regression Analysis

10. Model building with Stata-1: Concept of effect modifier and confounder, checking normality assumption, checking bivariable relation, and building base model.

11. Model building with Stata-2: Checking multicollinearity, Identifying, and adjusting effect modifier and confounder, dealing with the interaction term, getting the final model.

12. Discussion & Assignment: Based on lecture 1-11

Trainer Details:

1. Mohammad Abdul Hannan Shakhider

Mr. Abdul Hannan is a public health professional with expertise in data management and analysis, research methodologies, program evaluation, epidemiology, and monitoring and evaluation. He holds B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Statistics from the University of Dhaka. He received training on SPSS and BDHS data analysis from Dhaka University and Measure evaluation, respectively. He has about 7 year's work experience in mid-level management both in Government and Non-government organizations, including IEDCR, Eminence, and Ipas Bangladesh, an international NGO. He has also facilitated more than ten training sessions in the last three years.

2. Sadat Syed

Mr. Sadat is an Economic Statistical expert specialized in Economic & Statistical Modelling, Time series analysis. He facilitated several professional Stata & SPSS training courses. Mr. Sadat completed his Masters and Bachelor's degree in Statistics from Dept. of Statistics, University of Dhaka. He did his another Masters in Development Economics at Hiroshima University, Hiroshima, Japan. He has also facilitated many training sessions in the last couple of years. Among those training on "Statistics with SPSS", "Statistics with Stata" and "Data Science with R" organized SRCBD Training. He also facilitated Stata training sessions at TTU, icddr’b which are "Training on Health Research: Using STATA and Writing Manuscript" and "Training on Data Analysis for Young Researchers".

Mohammad Abdul Hannan Shakhider

Mohammad Abdul Hannan Shakhider

Public Health Professional and Trainer
Syed Mohammad Sadat

Syed Mohammad Sadat

Statistical Consultant and Trainer
  • Price৳ 4200
  • Duration 30 Hours
  • Lessons 12

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