Training & Workshops on Research and Statistics

Training & Workshops on Research and Statistics

Training & Workshops on Research and Statistics

SRCBD offers several standard training and workshop packages on any statistical methodology (such as Statistical Survey, Survey Designing, Sampling & Questionnaire Development) as well as statistical software (such as SPSS / STATA / EViews / R Programming) and research methodology. We offer many others workshops generally relate to research and statistics.

Our training are:

i) Course on Proposal Development&Research Report Writing

ii) Basic Course on Proposal & Report Writing

iii) Basic Course on Quantitative & Qualitative Research: Design & Methodology

iv) Research Methodology

v) Statistics for Researchers vi) Statistical Analysis in Market Research

vii) Statistics with SPSS

viii) Statistics with Stata

ix) Econometric Analysis with Eviews

x) Time Series Analysis Using EViews

xi) Research Methodology with Stata

xii) Statistical Data Analysis with Excel

xiii) Analyzing Financial Data in Excel

xiv) Research Methodology with SPSS

xv) Advanced Statistical Analysis with Stata

xvi) R for Data Analysis and Research

xvii) Advanced Statistical Analysis with R

xviii) Time Series Analysis with R

xix) Quantitative Analysis with R

xx) Data Mining with R

xxi) Introduction to Data Science with R

xxii) Big Data Analytics with R

xxiii) Introduction to Data Visualization in R

xxiv) Statistical Analysis with Python**

xxv) Introduction to Python for Data Science**

xxvi) Big Data Analytics with Python**


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