Statistical Data Analysis

SRCBD have experienced statistician’s who can perform all of the necessary statistical analyses for your research data using a variety of software packages such as SPSS, STATA, R programming, EViews, AMOS, MATLAB.Statistical Analysis requires connecting with the data you have and the insights you need.

Statistical Consultancy: Provide Consultation of Data Analysis

SRCBD provides Statistical Consultancy with a range of services to research clients of Business, Market, Medical, Health, Public Health, and Social & Economic Research.

Data Collection, Data Entry & Data Management

SRCBD have different experience and expertise team in data collection, data entry & data management. Every group has a mission to provide a robust and reliable data platform which ensures that complete and accurate data is collected and maintained in order to support analyses that sustain the research goals and objectives.

Proposal Management and Writing Services

SRCBD provides assistance for proposal writing. When you need to create a winning proposal, let our proposal experts support you.

Report Writing

SRCBD have an expertise report writing team to write a final report based on statistical analysis. The teams are presented the research findings in connection with research hypothesis or research objectives. Our teams have a wealth of experience in developing many types of reports and will create accurate documents that meet client’s needs and specifications.

Sampling & Questionnaire Development

SRCBD helps you to measure accurate Sampling Methodology and ensure the most precise way to measure information by an easy & reliable questionnaire for your survey.

Statistical Survey & Survey Designing

SRCBD has experience in survey design will ensure that your survey delivers accurate, usable results. When designing a survey, researchers must identify not only how to ask questions, but what questions to ask. Our analysts will refine your information goals and determine the most precise way to measure that information.

Thesis or Dissertation Services

Setting up the problem statement, Purpose of the study

Training & Workshops on Research and Statistics

SRCBD offers several standard training and workshop packages on any statistical methodology (such as Statistical Survey, Survey Designing, Sampling & Questionnaire Development) as well as statistical software (such as SPSS / STATA / EViews / R Programming) and research methodology. We offer many others workshops generally relate to research and statistics.