Famous Online Data Science Courses in 2020

Famous Online Data Science Courses in 2020

Famous Online Data Science Courses in 2020

In this age, there is an immense prerequisite for Data Science Professionals; however not many gifted individuals can be found the world over. In this way, this industry has now begun to acknowledge individuals with great diagnostic aptitudes where there is no need for Professional Data Science degrees or capabilities.

So here is the curated list of Free Data science courses you can access online.

  1. Introduction To Data Science – Alison 

         This is a totally free online course that details the core topics of data science proceeding towards the introduction to machine learning mainly divided into three modules. Each of these modules will generally take 3 hours to complete. There is an assessment at the end of this tutorial. 

  1. Crash Course In Data Science – John Hopkins University

This course will make you understand what is data science and its overall working including its usages in the real world. It is a considerably short course that will provide you with the technical knowledge required to manage data science professionals or a company/ organization.

  1. Data Science And Machine Learning Essentials

This course is available according to limited dates available. You will be exposed to all practical and theoretical knowledge even introducing you to the core concepts and working of statistical techniques.

  1. Data Science By Harvard

The course contains the complete videos and lectures (tutorials) are allowed to be freely available online. It can be accessed anytime from around the world. You will not be provided a valid degree from this prestigious university but if you go through the entire course then you will definitely become an expert in the data science field.

  1. Learn Data Science With R – Coursera

This course is by Ram Reddy, an expert in R and data analytics. It is an in-depth course which provides a complete expert level tutoring in R programming. It starts as an introduction to the R language and takes you deep into it.

  1. I “Heart” Stats: Learning to Love Statistics – University of Notre Dame

This course is included here because You already know that Statistics is one of the fundamental subjects along with Maths and Computer science if you want to learn Data Science and Analytics.

  1. Intro To Data Science Using Python – Udemy

This course is one of the best Introductory courses on Data Science and Analytics in Udemy. You can enroll in this course even if you don’t have any previous knowledge or experience in this topic. It starts at a beginner level.

  1. Python For Data Science – University of San Diego

The data science micro masters program by Edx is very famous. This course is part of that series within Edx. It is mainly a collective resource of powerful open-source tools that are used to analyze data.​​​​​​​

  1. The Analytics Edge – MIT (Edx)

​​​​​​​In this course you will learn about the actual powerful techniques to analyze data through examples. You can advance in your career further by learning this course.​​​​​​​